Digger spends her days prowling among the shadowed streets of Gerse, slipping coins from people’s pockets and being hired as a thief.  But when she and her partner and friend, Tegen, have just managed to steal some important letters, disaster strikes. The job was done, everything had gone just as it was supposed to. And then came the Greenmen, guards of the Celystra. When the dizzying night is over, Tegen is gone forever and Digger must get out of Gerse. In a twist of fate, she finds herself sitting in a boat with a few nobs and is telling them her name is Celyn. From there, our heroine finds herself as a lady-in-waiting to Lady Merista Nemair, living in a secluded fortress and surrounded by anyone but her usual crowd. In this world of banquets and jewels, there is one sly snake that discovers Digger’s secret: Lord Remy Daul. Daul uses blackmail to make Digger his personal spy in the castle. The things she finds out about the citizens of her country, where magic is forbidden and politics and religion is in uproar, well, let’s just say they’re more than shocking. Penned by Elizabeth C. Bunce, this YA novel is rich in plot and characters. I found the writing absorbing and the story unique. The danger and the surprises abound, and I look forward to reading the sequel, Liar’s Moon.


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