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Well. . .

Hi everyone! So, as you may be able to tell from the date of my last post, the entity that is the school year is once again upon us. Specifically, high school. Yeeks. . . Anyway, that’s not a good … Continue reading

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Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy

Hi everyone! I have decided to stop being a lazy do-nothing for the day and post something. Yay for productivity! The book of the day is Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy, written by Elizabeth Kiem. Teenage Marina, the main character, has … Continue reading

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The Name of the Star

Now, before I start, there is one very very very important thing you should understand about this book: SCARY SCARY SCARY SCARY SCARY DO NOT READ LATE AT NIGHT SERIOUSLY DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Phew. I’m glad we got that sorted … Continue reading

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