A (Tentative) Return from Hiatus & Updates!

Hello and happy 2019!

As you may have noticed, the last time this blog was updated was in July of 2017, so it has been quite the hiatus of a year and half here on Girl Knows Books. Since then, I’ve started attending college in Minnesota, declared a double major in literature and art history, acquired a terrifying amount of winter sweaters, and visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art more times than I can count (it’s a great museum, guys). Unfortunately, the blog has been one of the things that has ended up languishing in the meantime.

But! On the bright side, college has been pretty good so far. I have a fantastic roommate, and the English department at my school has coffee in the lounge all day, which is far too tempting. I took an African American lit class last semester, which I adored, and I’ll be starting another course with the same professor next week. Plus, I got to see both Janelle Monae and Mitski in concert last year, so my life is essentially complete.

I’ve met a lot of really great people, and I’m excited for the next semester, even though my course schedule makes me a tiny bit nervous. But, getting back into reading for fun during the winter break has made me really want to keep the blog at least somewhat up and running, in between reading for school and memorizing art history dates.

I’ve been updating the blog’s theme and About page (so now it says I’m a sophomore instead of a freshman!), and have started updating my Goodreads account more regularly, as well. While I’m not really setting a regular posting schedule, I’m hoping I’ll be able to at least manage my time between school and reading a little better, starting with a post about some of the books I’ve been reading while at home. (That should go up tomorrow!)

In any case, thank you for reading, and I hope you all have had a wonderful start to 2019!


P.S. Have I mentioned that Minnesota is beautiful in the fall?


2 thoughts on “A (Tentative) Return from Hiatus & Updates!

  1. Welcome back Nora and also welcome to Minnesota. If you ever need anything or if I can help in any way – maybe intros to local publishers for internships or summer work – I’m here.

    And please say hi to Todd and Bridget for me.

    Best, Stu

    Stu Abraham

    Abraham Associates, Inc. 5120-A Cedar Lake Rd Minneapolis MN 55416 phone: 952-927-7920 toll free: 800-701-2489 fax: 952-927-8089

    NOTE my new email address and web site: email: stu@abrahamassociatesinc.com web site: http://www.abrahamassociatesinc.com


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