Twenty-Minute Tales

I still read this book, which I got in 2007. It’s fanciful, magical, and just entertaining. Enid Blyton has been called the Queen of Story Tellers, as I’m told, and she deserves the title. From Feefo the Pixie Dog to The Tale of Sammy Skittle to The Enchanted Cushion, every story is sure to please. Kids will laugh at the ridiculous Hoodle Bird that must have some gooseberry jam, and marvel at the horrible Mr. Slick. Filled with tales of pixie’s and magic, blue cats and candy, this is a good book for whoever is a fairy tale fan. I’m sure it would be a great hit being read to your children at night. They’ll go to sleep with pleasant thoughts in their minds, if you read to the happy endings. Enid Blyton had very good imagination, and an eye for good language. if you go to the library or bookstore right now, you won’t be sorry.


A to Z Mysteries: The Absent Author

As you know, I am a mystery fan. So I fell in love instantly with Ron Roy’s A to Z Mysteries. The first one, titled The Absent Author, introduces you to the protagonists: Donald (called Dink), Josh, and Ruth Rose. Dink has written his favorite mystery author Wallis Wallace, in the hope that he will agree to come to Green Lawn for a signing. To everyone’s great surprise, he says yes! Dink’s ecstatic. But where’s Wallis Wallace on the morning of the big day? Not at the Book Nook, that’s for sure. Not answering the phone. The common opinion is he missed his flight-but a certain letter leads Dink and his friends to believe otherwise. Ron Roy writes well, and has a good eye for plot and characters. It took forever for me to move on to other books. This is a good starting chapter book, or you could just read it aloud if your child can’t. Go. Get. It. And then read the others-all 25 of them.

Clara and the Bookwagon

This book, written by Nancy Levinson, was the frst chapter book I read as a little girl. Therefore, I read it many times over. Meaning, at least thirty. It’s a good read for any starting reader. Especially if they already enjoy books a lot. Clara spends her time on her family’s farm in Maryland doing chores and looking after her little siblings. No time for reading. Papa says that farm people don’t read. Clara doesn’t agree, especially when opportunity comes knocking in the form of Miss Mary and her bookwagon, which is specifically for farm people. Clara’s enraptured! Books, books, and more books! What could be better? Clara’s exactly like me. I feel a sort of hunger when I see tons of books all in one place. If your child is having trouble growing enthused with literature, believe me, this could be a colossal help. So look it up on Powell’s, or something. Seriously.