Sweet Treats

Do you enjoy cooking? Are you a kid? Well, even if you’re not, I think you just might enjoy the book this review is focused on. Specifically for children, Sweet Treats (written by Carolyn Beth Weil, and part of the William-Sonoma cookbook collection) is a very tasty and fun book. There are tons of recipes, all desserts, and it’s lots of fun to follow along and create some of these. A few are Easy Cheesy Pie, Black Bottom Cupcakes, and Strawberry Shortcakes. I have made Thumbprint Cookies, and Truffle Mint Ice Cream Cake. Both are delicious, and so are the Lemon Bars. The little chef of your life will most likely love to create these delicious dishes, and might love eating them more! There is, of course, the sense of pride to know you made it yourself to make it even better. I really like baking, and this was a great gift for me from my grandmother for Christmas. It’s a lot of fun! So at least take a look, okay?